Steepletone Devon Retro Radio

The Steepletone Devon Retro DAB Radio is available in beige and green. This retro style radio incorporates modern technology at an affordable modern price. Easy to use the Devon radio has a large dial, with rotary turning controls, for volume, bass and treble.

In addition the Devon radio comes with a built-in antenna and can be operated via batteries. This allows you to easily operated in any location. The strong carry handle allows you to carry the radio easily and is an ideal way to listen to music on the go.

The radio comes with a modern LCD screen and a large loudspeaker for great sound clarity. Finally you can use the MP3 capabilities to play downloaded music wherever you like. For full
specifications click here

Warranty & Delivery

This item comes with 1 year warranty with, you can find out more information here.

TEL: 0843 523 5453
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