Steepletone SRP05TT Retro 1960's Style Portable 3 Speed Record Player with MW-FM Radio

Taking a step back to the past with retro music is made possible with the Steepletone SRP05TT Retro 1960's Style Portable 3-Speed Record Player with MW-FM Radio. The record player with radio comes in an attractive design perfect for music lovers who want an old-school feel while listening to their tunes. This comes in 2 tones as well as a leather finish. Do not be fooled by its retro look because the record player and radio sports a USB Connection to PC/MAC, Line-in Jack (3.5mm dia.) and Line-out Jack (L + R – RCA).

The record player has a cue lever making it easy to control and stop the record. It is able to spin 33, 45 and 78 vinyl at different speed levels. The audio is made even crisper and clean when connected to the built-in stereo speakers at 3.5W RMS/4 O. With a sound output of 20W p.m.p.o. it is a strong contender in modern day record players in the market today. The spindle adaptor covers 45 RPM which is already supplied.

Enjoying the quality of the tunescan be very pleasurable especially since the user can choose to listen to records or the MW-FM radio. The frequency options are 540 – 1600 KHz (MW)/88 – 108 MHz (FM). Listening is made even easier with the user-friendly controls like rotary for ON/OFF, volume, function, selection, and tuning. The dial scale seen on the record deck allows efficient viewing of frequencies. One can even listen privately to their tunes by plugging in their headphones in the socket which is 3.5mm in diameter making it universally compatible. The player’s features are enjoyed using the 12V/1.2A AC-DC adaptor.

If you are ordering the Steepletone SRP05TT Retro 1960s Style Portable 3 Speed Record Player with MWFM RADIO, you have different color combination options. These include red and beige, as well as brown and beige. The hinged lid and the locking clasps contribute to its overall retro look.

For UK customers who order during weekdays, 24-hour delivery is available for no extra charge.

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