Steepletone ST938 3-SPEED Record Player with Flip Over Stylus

When it comes to the 3-speed record player, Steepletone’s ST938 3-SPEED Record Player with Flip over Stylus is the one that is most raved about. This best seller made it easier for music lovers to enjoy their tunes with its great plug-and-play feature efficiently connected to the stereo speakers. The 3-speed turntable under the Perspex lid has made it possible to listen to these tunes without having to keep the lid open.

The record player is called 3-speed for a reason since it can play in three different speeds catering to record sizes 33, 45 and 78 RPM. It is also compatible to 12” and LPs. The modern day record player by Steepletone offers a Single Flip over Stylus. This is very easy to change and install, the stylus is created for different versions like the LP as well as the different speeds like 33, 45 and 78. Users requiring specific pieces, like the stylus, will be happy to know that there are spare pieces available.

The modern day record player is distinct for its cue lever, which means being able to control the stop switch without having to go to where the player is located. There is also an auto-stop switch to set when the record stops playing. If the record player is placed in a dim or low-lit location, the power on LED indicator light glows.

When it comes to controlling the volume and crispness of the audio elements the Steepletone ST938 3-SPEED Record Player with Flip over Stylus has big rotary power ON/OFF switch as well as volume control. The records can be enjoyed better with the 2 x 1 WRMS built-in stereo speakers. The sound is even more enhanced when it is connected to a subwoofer system. Just like other Steepletone equipments, there is a 3mm diameter headphone socket. This makes listening to your records in private possible. All these are powered by the 230V AC Mains. The record player measures approximately 305w x 125h x 285d mm.

When ordering choose between different colors like black, cream and silver. Order during the weekdays and get your item within 24 hours for no extra charge.

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