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Steepletone T-010 2.1 Multi-Media Active Sub-woofer and Satellite Speakers

For 35 years now, the British company Steepletone, has been manufacturing great quality audio equipment. They stand by their reliable products and their trusted reputation.

More high quality audio equipment has been launched in the market recently and these are the Steepletone T-010 2.1 Multi-Media Active Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers. Since a subwoofer can make any sound system better, the set is especially ideal for individuals who are looking to upgrade their current home entertainment system. A good system does not solely revolve on the good looking TV and player; sound is always essential to enjoy the full experience.

Steepletone definitely delivers and lives up to their best selling vintage inspired music players. The Steepletone T-010 Multi-Media Active Subwoofer makes the set something to watch out for. New users will definitely be entertained when they test out the powerful 8-watt RMS speaker and high wattage speakers. Steepletone owners who are only interested in the subwoofer system will be in for a treat since the 3.5mm diameter subwoofer socket is compatible to headphone jacks and most audio systems.

The Steepletone T-010 2.1 Multi-Media Active Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers also boast of other specifications. When the set is bought the user can expect a powerful multi-media active subwoofer with satellite speakers. The subwoofers are really powerful with the 8 watts RMS perfect for listening to pumping music in crisp and clear audio. The speakers are a whopping 2 x 1.5w RMS with 50 Watts p.m.p.o. Some more interesting features that audio enthusiasts will be looking forward to includes the ON/OFF switch, great looking rotary volume control and the 1.2m aux-in lead. Enjoying these features will not be a problem with the 230V AC mains that measures 190 x 175 x 180mm (HWD).

Are you interested in getting yourself the prized Steepletone T-010 2.1 Multi-Media Active Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers? Steepletone can deliver within 24 hours during the weekdays at no extra charge.

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Steepletone Record Player
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